What are the benefits offered by a Karambit Knife?

What are the benefits offered by a Karambit Knife?


Watching a master of the Karambit, in a close-combat fight is like watching a dancer at work. Being oftentimes illusionistic, weaving the blade and circling around to make the perfect slash is a sight for sour eyes. Seeing the art of close-combat is not only captivating, it also takes away the breath of one, experiencing this dance.

While it may be difficult for normal people to understand, why professionals prefer a Karambit over other knives, there are certain advantages of using a Karambit. These benefits are recognized by the professionals, and hence, they usually use a Karambit in their close-combat fights.

However, most people are not familiar with the basic perks of carrying around a Karambit with you. Amongst knives, the Karambit offers some specific pros, which attracts most of the masters of Karambit. Moving on, let us list some of the basic, yet most intriguing benefits of the Karambit.

No Slip-Grip:

The no slip-grip of the Karambit helps the user in staying above the opponent at all times. The Karambit offers excellent stability and grip, which helps you in keeping a tight hold of it, without the fear of missing out on an easy attack.


Another point which is a thread of the no slip-grip scenario is that the Karambit offers the safest offensive fight, even in the most hostile conditions. If you know how to grip your Karambit right, you will always be safe from hurting yourself, with the glorious curved knife.

Easy to Switch Hands:

One of the biggest advantages of a Karambit is that it helps you in switching hands at a very fast pace. This means that you can transfer your Karambit from one hand to another in the timespan of seconds, which also helps to confuse the opponent and land a lethal slash.

Used for Routine Tasks:

Most people might think, because of the Karambit’s mean layout, that it can only be used in a fight. However, a Karambit was first used to cultivate rice and cut through thickly forested areas. A Karambit can help you in many daily chores, such as gardening, cutting of plants or trees and much more.

Multiple Strikes:

Last but not the least, a Karambit is one of those few knives in the market, which offers the chance of delivering multiple strikes at a time. This is possible because of the curved blade of the Karambit, which can deliver slashes in series, being very lethal for the opponent.


One of the biggest advantages of using a Karambit is that it is perfect in the art of close-combat. Most close-combat fights require a weapon which is not easily visible to the opponent, and which can deliver a lethal injury whenever the opportunity flutters. Hence, using a Karambit in a close-combat fight can give you an edge over an opponent, using a straight blade knife.

The above mentioned benefits prove, that the Karambit is one of the best, deadliest and meanest close-combat knives in the market. Moreover, these pros can also help you in carrying out your day-to-day chores, effectively.


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