Top 7 Skins of the Karambit

Top 7 Skins of the Karambit


The Karambit is a lethal weapon, which has gained noticeable fame in recent years. Apart from being a deadly source of delivering a fatal strike, the Karambit is also considered one of the most beautifully carved knives in the market. One of the most intriguing features of a Karambit are the skins with which is stunning primary weapon has been decorated with over the years.

The skins play a huge role in camouflaging the knife within an intensely dense area and also enhance the attractiveness of this knife. However, there are a number of different skins, which have been introduced for a Karambit. Let us talk about 7 of the best and the most compelling skins of a Karambit, which are available in the market.

1. The Fade Karambit:

The fade karambit is one of the best options if you are looking for fatality and class in a single knife. It holds a multi-color pattern and can be used in an area, where the sunlight is high. Moreover, it offers easy handling and a comfortable back ring.

2. The Red Faction Karambit:

The red faction karambit can satisfy your passion for a classy knife and the color red at once. It is one of the meanest looking karambits in the inventory and is highly preferable in a highly dense forest or areas with lots of snow.

3. The Black Web Karambit:

The black web karambit is on top when it comes to having a comfortable back ring, and a beautiful layout. It is one of the fiercest looking karambits in the list and can provide the comfort you need in a knife.

4. The Classic Tiger Karambit:

The tiger skin of a karambit, on top of the classic tiger karambit, is one of a kind. This knife offers the best handling amongst all of these. Moreover, the blade is beautifully carved and patterned with a tiger skin design, to make it look fierce, wherever you take it.

5. The Blue Tiger Karambit:

The sister knife of the classic tiger karambit, the blue tiger karambit is also one of the most beautiful types in the list. This knife can provide the overwhelming feeling to those, who are looking to carry a beautiful knife, in the color blue.

6. The Black Karambit:

The black karambit is the meanest looking of all. This knife offers a deadly layout, with easy handling. The combination of comfort and beauty is what makes the back karambit, one of the best ones in the market.

7. The Leopard Karambit:

Do you have a leaning towards animal skin? Preferably leopard? Then you are in luck. The leopard karambit is one of the most creative and innovative knives in the list, and can offer superior camouflage in a forest or such areas.

The Final Verdict:

It does not matter you pick the Leopard Karambit, the Black Web Karambit or any other, all 7 of these knives are not only best in slashing and dashing, but also provide a beautiful layout to the user. Hence, if you are a knife enthusiast, make sure you have one of these or all if necessary, in your inventory.


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