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The Karambit: A Mean-Looking Slayer

Have you ever thought how a Karambit would look like in real life? Find out how the Karambit made its way into the real world, and became one of the most mean-looking knives in the market!

Knives have been around for as long as most of us can remember. From carving pieces of wood for sharp weapons of hunting, to giving shape to hard metals in the form of beautiful pocket knives. Over the decades, pocket knives have been decked with ornate designs and have been added with a touch of beauty, showing the pride behind the skills of the knife makers. One of the pocket knives, which made its way from a video game called Counter Strike: Go, to the real world; The Karambit.

What is a Karambit?
For people who need to start from scratch about this lethal weapon, a Karambit is a small and pocket sized knife, which is used in close combat fights or personal fights and is still used in the Indonesian archipelago. The main two components, because of which the knife has gained a rather deadly image are; one, the curved blade and two, the firm-grip handle. This knife has gained noticeable fame in recent years, after being introduced as a primary weapon in the globally famous video game, Counter Strike: Go.

The History:
In most cultures, the karambit is believed to have originated between the Minangkabau people of the West Sumatra. According to folklores, this knife was inspired by the claws of the big cats, explaining its technique and the wound it delivers.
Similar to most of the weapons in this region, the karambit was first an agricultural implement, which helped in processes such as, plating rice and cutting the roots of the plants etc.
This beautiful, yet deadly weapon was first discovered in the 'Jungles of Wes Java' in the 11th Century, in Indonesia. Serving well in skinning the flesh of creatures and animal hide, it is sometimes known as the 'Karembit' or 'Korambit' as well.

The Technique:
From the bottom of the fist, the blade is pointed downwards when you are using the Karambit in combat. In most cases, the curved blade is curving forward, however, occasional, it is curving downwards. Most Karambits were only used for slashing and dashing against the skin, to convey a deadly hack on the intended area. On the other hands, the revolutionized Karambits are also made with a finger ring, which can be used to land a punch during a close-combat fight.

The Final Verdict:
The Karambit has been around for decades. However, it has gone through variations and has been revolutionized in the matter of style, material and technique. The Karambit we see today has been inspired by a knife in Counter Strike: Go, a video game, named Karambit.
The Karambit has been spoken of as the meanest pocket knife in the market, especially by knife enthusiasts. However, as the world moves towards the future, we are deemed to see several new deviations made to the Karambit, to provide it with an even fiercer look.


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