Self Defence Against a Karambit

Self Defence Against a Karambit

Self Defence Against a Karambit

Karambit sounds like a new term. For many people, this might be the first time they might be hearing about it. In the simplest of explanations, Karambit is a knife. However, this is not a sufficient definition. A Karambit is not a simple. It has a specific design that makes it suitable for efficiency and precision. It sports a curved blade and ergonomic handle. The handle is designed to be held safely by the user. Some of the Karambit knives also come with at least one safety ring. 

It is a lethal weapon and is used is combats. It helps to strike from various lines of attack at the same time.  The knife can be used for hooking, trapping, slicing and ripping. None of those scenarios bring comfortable images to the head. However, you can train to counter an attack made by using a Karambit.

Anticipating a Karambit Attack

Attacks that are done using any edged knife are meant to cause harm. The best strategy to counter its attack is pre-emptive defence. The Karambit is mostly carried around in the front pocket. However, this might not be the case all the times. Moreover, given that 85% of the population is right handed, it will be carried in the right front pocket.

You can use a firearm to counter the attack but it is important to consider that you might be in a situation where you don’t have the time and the distance to draw out your weapon and fire.

Reaction to a Karambit Attack

Let yourself consider a situation where the Karambit has been drawn. Your body’s natural and instinctive reaction will be to raise your arms in front of your face and chest. This is very useful. You don’t have to prepare for anything creative or organized. This way your chest, neck and face will be protected which are very vulnerable to knife wounds.

A little change can be achieved by moving your arms to be place on the top or sides of your head. This might affect your line of sight partly. Although, it will give extra protection to your neck protecting your jugular veins. The outside of your forearms will be exposed to the threat but they are least vulnerable to slashing.

Fighting a Karambit Attack

The position explained in the last section is called the universal cover position. From here on, your arms and hands merely need to be thrust ahead to begin your counterattack. If the attacker gets an upper hand at any stage, you easily return back to the universal cover position. The knife will be used in a slashing motion by the attacker. These motions will resemble boxing punches coming backward and forward, your counterattack must come straight forward up the centre.

When you are facing a situation where you are sure that the attacker is just not there to hurt you but kill you, then normal rules don’t apply. The most important thing in such deadly situations is to save your life. Only physical defence will not save you, instead you must be mentally prepared to take action that will save you.


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