How to Carry a Karambit knife?

How to Carry a Karambit knife?

Knives are considered one of the most useful tools in mots close-combat fights. These sharp objects have been used for centuries and have changed from being mere pieces of wood to aluminum and steel. From being used for hunting by the cavemen to being used as military weapons in high-end operations, knives have been revolutionized in each century differently.

One of these knives, which has gained popularity for being one of the meanest looking knives in the market is the Karambit. A Karambit has a long history attached to it, with an edge of going through years and years of revolution. From being featured as a primary weapon in Counter Strike – a video game to being a real weapon in our world today. Karambit has become the favorite of mots knife enthusiasts.

However, when it comes to carrying a Karambit, most professionals might even not know how to do it efficiently. Moving on, let us talk about some of the ways to carry a Karambit, so you can draw it whenever needed.

In Your Pocket:

The oldest stories in the book! Carry a Karambit in your pocket. This way, you can easily put your hands in your pocket and draw your Karambit whenever necessary. However, it may be dangerous if you do not have a sheath for your Karambit.

Body or Hip:

You can easily carry around your Karambit if you have a sheath to hang around your body or hip. Carrying a Karambit on your body or hip will allow easy access to your knife and can also help in providing the right type of camouflage.


A breakaway is an equipment, specially designed to draw a tool in as less time as possible. Most knife stores will have a breakaway for a Karambit, noticing the growth of popularity of this tool. A breakaway is not as easy to carry in in your pocket, but can help in drawing your Karambit faster than any other option in the list.

Boot Rig or Thighs:

A boot rig can be made, or you can buy a specific boot, with a rig attached on either side of it. A boot rig can help you in carrying around your Karambit very easily, and helps you to draw one ASAP. Moreover, you can also carry around your Karambit, attached to your thighs, with the help of a cloth or anything you deem fit.

Belt Sheath:

One of the easiest and most advanced ways of carrying around a knife, let alone a Karambit, is to buy a belt sheath. A belt sheath is basically an object, which is basically shaped according to the tool you want to carry. You can buy a knife or Karambit shaped belt sheath, and carry around your Karambit easily, without dropping it anywhere.
A Karambit can be difficult once you need ways to carry it with yourself. While going on an adventure through a thick jungle, you need to know exactly how to handle your knife, possibly a Karambit, without losing it anywhere. The above mentioned list can help you in carrying your Karambit with you, safe and sound.


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