How Karambits came into existence

How Karambits came into existence

History plays a great role in explaining and identifying the purpose of your existence and the presence of things around you. ‘Past’ is a dimension that always exists in the present. May it be art or any other field; things in the present have roots in the past. Therefore, what becomes necessary is to walk down the lane that is located in the past, to find out how something developed over time and made itself functional in the present times.

For those who are reading this, let me assure you that this is not an article on history or life. This article aims to talk about a knife that emerged in ancient times and is still used: Karambit.

Additionally, tradition does not only indicate a certain time frame but also brings into the account topographical setting. These geographical differences affected the design of the Karambit, but not entirely. The Karambit’s of different places, varied slightly.

1. Kuku Machan

Is one of the weapons of Silat. Silat is a blanket term used for the art practiced in the geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia. The design of the weapon is described as a narrow-bladed weapon that is curved and bears a resemblance to the claws of a cat. Kuku Machan, more specifically, is said to resemble the tiger claw. This weapon was regarded as a weapon for the ladies because of its compact size that made it easier to hide it.

2. Kuku Hanuman

Hanuman is also known as Bajrangbali. He was one of the God’s of the Hindu religion who is said to be a follower of Rama. Hanuman participated in war and the Hindu mythology generally revolves around the war scenes. It is said that Kuku Hanuman has its origin in the claw that was in between the head of Hanuman and Bima. Bima was a character in Mahabharata that belonged to the second generation of the Pandu family.

3. Karambit Lombok

The derivation of this Karambit is from the province of Lombok that is situated in the Indonesian island east of Bali. The specificity of this Karambit is that it is used for war/ combat situations. This Karambit has a large blade that is used for tearing and this is why it used in battles to shed blood.

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